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Virya in Sanskrit means Energy. This stunning handmade painting of the meditative Buddha captures the essence of inner peace and harmony. The Buddha is depicted in a serene and contemplative pose, surrounded by five beautiful peace flowers and a peace bird. Each of the flowers represents an element of nature, namely Earth, Fire, Water, Space, and Air, which make up the essence of our being.


The message of this painting is clear - when we focus on our well-being and take care of ourselves through meditation, yoga, and proper nutrition, our bodies remain balanced and healthy. By balancing the elements within ourselves, we can achieve inner peace and tranquility.


The intricate details and fine brushwork used in the painting bring the Buddha to life, while the colors used for the flowers and bird create a soothing and calming atmosphere. This painting is a perfect addition to any meditation space or living area, as it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room but also serves as a reminder to prioritize our mental and physical well-being.


This painting is truly unique, and the message it conveys is profound. It is a perfect gift for anyone who seeks balance and inner peace in their life, or for those who appreciate the beauty of Eastern art and philosophy. Overall, this Virya Buddha painting is a masterpiece that will inspire and uplift all those who lay their eyes upon it

Virya | Handmade Meditating Buddha Painting . Framed Wall Art. Spiritual Art

    • This Artwork is a HANDMADE Acrylic Painting of Lord Buddha on Canvas Board
    • This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING and NOT a PRINT.
    • Frame included.
    • Size with frame : 21.5"x25.5"
    • Frame Color: Wood Brown
    • Varnished for safety and protection
    • Ready to Hang
    • Painting will be professionally packed and shipped to you with utmost care.
    • Painting will be dispatched within 5-7  business days , you will be notified with the updates
    • Free shipping across India
    • International shipping is Chargeable and Glass in the frame will not be included in International Shipping.
    • Contact the Artist: +91 9372542620





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