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About The Artist:

Meet Roshni Sachanandani Jashnani, a 28 years young talented artist hailing from Mumbai, India. With a remarkable 7 years of experience in the world of art, Roshni has made her mark both Nationally and Internationally.

Her art has found homes not just across India but around the Globe, including places like the Netherlands, Scotland, Australia, Hong Kong, Boston, and many more. She's a portrait sketching pro, having delighted over 500 clients with her lifelike renditions. Roshni's artistic repertoire extends beyond portraits; she creates mesmerizing Abstracts, Religious and Spiritual pieces, Breathtaking landscapes, and captivating Portraits.

What's even more impressive is her ability to customize artworks to suit her clients' unique tastes and preferences. Roshni has collaborated with Interior Designers, helping them fulfill their clients' desires for exquisite and aesthetic artworks.

And if you're looking for proof of her talent, just check out her 5-star rating on Google. Roshni Sachanandani Jashnani is not just an artist; she's a creator of beauty that transcends borders and leaves a lasting impression.


Note From Artist:

Hello, I am Roshni,

 A Fine Artist..

I feel art is a door to someplace where I feel alive, and liberated. All my paintings and sketches are made with an immense amount of love, passion, and emotions.

I personally feel business is secondary, but the happiness that you and I both will share from a piece of art is the primary goal here, it is the main reason behind this website.

Every artwork you see on this website is not made for the purpose of only selling and earning from it, the purpose is to feel it. 

As it is rightly said, every picture tells some story..when you get your artwork and put it on your wall or desk at your home or workplace, you will also feel it.

All my paintings are works of my hands and each painting is exclusive in itself, a painting made is only one and unique in the world.

I am happy that you are here reading about me and why I love art and why this website exists.
I am glad that you chose to have a look at my artworks.
Whether you buy my painting or not, I solicit your valuable time you spend watching my works!

Have a nice day ahead!

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