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This captivating handmade Lord Shiva painting is an awe-inspiring creation that captures the essence of tranquility and spirituality. The vibrant and colorful background serves as a breathtaking contrast to the serene figure of Lord Shiva depicted in deep meditation at its center.

What makes this artwork truly unique is the artist's technique of painting the background with bare fingers, adding an organic and personal touch to the piece. Each stroke and hue imbued by the artist's fingertips adds an ethereal quality to the overall composition.

Presented in a sleek black frame, this painting exudes elegance and sophistication, enhancing its visual appeal. Its compact size makes it a perfect addition to any desk, bringing a sense of divine calmness to the workspace.

This exquisite artwork is not only a visual delight but also an ideal choice for gifting, resonating with spirituality and artistic finesse. Whether placed in a personal meditation space or adorning a sacred mandir, its presence will elevate the ambiance and inspire a sense of serenity.

The thoughtful inclusion of a stand behind the frame allows for versatile display options, ensuring that this masterpiece can be showcased and admired from any angle.

Overall, this handmade Lord Shiva painting is a testament to artistic prowess, spirituality, and thoughtful craftsmanship—a timeless piece that transcends mere decoration to become a symbol of peace and devotion.

Handmade Mahadev Painting | Acrylics on Canvas | Framed Art

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹799.00Sale Price
    • This Artwork is a HANDMADE Acrylic Painting of Lord Shiva on Canvas Board
    • This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING and NOT a PRINT.
    • Frame included.
    • Size with frame : 7"7"
    • Frame Color: Black
    • Varnished for safety and protection
    • Comes with a stand behind the frame
    • Painting will be professionally packed and shipped to you with utmost care.
    • Painting will be dispatched within 5-7  business days , you will be notified with the updates
    • Free shipping across India
    • International shipping is Chargeable and Glass in the frame will not be included in International Shipping.
    • Contact the Artist: +91 9372542620
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