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"Divine Wanderer"

Behold the majestic portrayal of Lord Shiva, the epitome of power and grace, as he strides forth with his sacred trishul in hand, accompanied by his faithful companion, Nandi. In this captivating scene, Lord Shiva exudes an aura of strength and purpose, his presence commanding reverence and admiration.

What sets this painting apart is the artist's ingenious use of her bare fingers to craft the background, weaving intricate swirls that seem to pulsate with cosmic energy. These swirling patterns add a sense of dynamism and depth to the composition, enhancing the mystical atmosphere surrounding Lord Shiva and Nandi.

Encased in a sleek black frame, this masterpiece is not just a painting, but a window into the divine realm. With its powerful imagery and evocative symbolism, it serves as a poignant reminder of the eternal journey of life and the unwavering devotion that guides us along the way.

Ideal for gifting, "Divine Wanderer" is a timeless expression of spirituality and reverence, sure to inspire and uplift the hearts of all who behold it.

Handmade Lord Shiva with Nandi Painting | Acrylics on canvas | Framed Art

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹799.00Sale Price
    • This Artwork is a HANDMADE Acrylic Painting of Lord Shiva on Canvas Board
    • This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING and NOT a PRINT.
    • Frame included. (Without Glass)
    • Size with frame : 7"7"
    • Frame Color: Black
    • Varnished for safety and protection
    • Comes with a stand behind the frame
    • Painting will be professionally packed and shipped to you with utmost care.
    • Painting will be dispatched within 5-7  business days , you will be notified with the updates
    • Free shipping across India
    • International shipping is Chargeable and Glass in the frame will not be included in International Shipping.
    • Contact the Artist: +91 9372542620
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