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Title: "Blessings of Faith"

In this beautiful painting, we see Lord Hanuman joining hands,  kneeling down before Lord Ram, showing his deep respect and love. Lord Ram is blessing Hanuman with kindness and grace.

What makes this painting special is how the artist used her finger to make swirling patterns in the background. These swirls represent the everlasting connection between humans and the divine.

This painting isn't just pretty to look at. It reminds us of the strong bond between people and their faith.

It comes in a black frame, making it a great gift for anyone who wants a touch of spirituality in their home. "Blessings of Faith" is a gentle reminder of the power of belief and love.

Handmade Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman Painting | Framed Art

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹799.00Sale Price
      • This Artwork is a HANDMADE Acrylic Painting of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman on Canvas Board
      • This is an ORIGINAL PAINTING and NOT a PRINT.
      • Frame included. (without glass)
      • Size with frame : 7"7"
      • Frame Color: Black
      • Varnished for safety and protection
      • Comes with a stand behind the frame
      • Painting will be professionally packed and shipped to you with utmost care.
      • Painting will be dispatched within 5-7  business days , you will be notified with the updates
      • Free shipping across India
      • International shipping is Chargeable and Glass in the frame will not be included in International Shipping.
      • Contact the Artist: +91 9372542620
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