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Concept explained by Artist:

"Time doesn't heal the pain, we learn to live with it"


In our lifetime we experience a lot of emotional pains.
We can not undo it, but life doesn't stop.
We are left with no options than to carry it in ourselves.

Various different feelings come and go, like happiness, joy, fear, anger, love, excitement, nervousness, etc.
Life just goes on..


The pain is still there deep inside, but other feelings too exist.

So here in this artwork, the same story is depicted.

Big and small black dots represent the emotional pains. Red line of dots surrounding black dots represent the feeling of anger. Because yes we do feel angry that why did the particular mishappening occured.
Surrounding the reds, are different colors of other feelings.


Emotions. Handmade Conceptual Painting. Contemporary Wall Art. Dot Painting.

    • Medium: Acrylics on Stretched Canvas
    • Size: 17"23"
    • Varnished for Safety and Protection
    • Ready to hang
    • Painting will be dispatched within 5-7  business days , you will be notified with the updates
    • Free shipping across India
    • International shipping is Chargeable 
    • Contact the Artist: +91 9372542620
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